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Tungsten powder

99.95% pure tungsten powder

99.95% pure tungsten powder

Product Description:

Our tungsten powder is fabricated through reduction reaction of ammonium paratungstate with hydrogen under a heating up circumstance. The purity of product depends on reduction process which can be affected by temperature, loading quantity, moving rate of containers, gas speed and etc. 

Tungsten particle size increases with the rising temperature. And the size range we can produce is between 0.4 and 20 microns. 

The standard to judge tungsten powder quality on one hand lies in chemical composition control. On the other hand which is also significant, oxygen content must be limited within its relative range according to different F.S.S.S. Taking all above parameter in control not only ensure the quality of tungsten powder, but its derivative products.

Chemical Composition:

Tungsten powder class


Tungsten powder is a significant material in processing tungsten products and cemented carbide products. 

Pure tungsten can be made into wire, rods, tubes, plates or other shaped products. And it can be alloyed with elements molybdenum, rhenium or copper for respective applications. Among those, tungsten heavy alloy is widely used in military defense industry. 

Besides, tungsten powder can be carbonized into tungsten carbide powder, subsequently processing into carbide products which can be used in turning, milling or drilling tools. 

Competitive Advantage:

We are a professional manufacturer in the field of tungsten powder, with skilled production process, advanced automatic facilities, strict quality management system. The quality of our tungsten powder can be guaranteed for granted.