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W-Ni alloy

Tungsten alloy cube

Tungsten alloy cube

Product Description:

Tungsten heavy alloys which can also be called high gravity alloys are refractory metals. Basically there are two series, W-Ni-Fe and W-Ni-Cu, sometimes even W-Ni-Cu-Fe. 

It contains mainly tungsten ranging from 80wt% to 98wt%, and its density can reach 15.8~ 18.5g/cm3. Nickel, iron, copper serve as binder between tungsten grains and make the material ductile and more machinable. Compared to W-Ni-Cu, W-Ni-Fe possesses a better mechanical property, being widely used in national defense industry.

Our processing route for tungsten heavy alloys is show in Figure 1. Firstly, mix the calculated amount of elemental powders according to certain ratio, ball milling to even all powders and refine powder grains. Then, employ cold pressing and liquid phase sintering to almost full density. The matrix alloy melts and some tungsten dissolves into solution during liquid phase processing, resulting in a microstructure through which large tungsten grains (20–60µm) are dispersed in the matrix alloy. The as-sintered material often is subjected to certain aging treatments, finally leading to improved strength and hardness in the heavy alloys.


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As tungsten heavy alloy shares high density, high strength and high hardness together with excellent anti-abrasion, anti-fatigue properties, it is widely used in counterweight and military defense applications. 

Advantages of tungsten heavy alloy:

Tungsten heavy alloy acquires a density from 15.8~18.5g/cm3, which is far higher than nickel, titanium and lead alloys. It is employed to be a substitute for those alloys, not only because of its superior physical properties mentioned above, but a low expansion coefficient and high modulus of elasticity.